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Animal quarantine guidlines for travel within the US                                                   

Laws concerning Service Dogs  For service dog id tags

To register a service dog  United States Service Dog Registry      Order Service tags for your service animal (then they don't have to wear the big saddle bags)  To register a service dog with only a vetrinarian signature and your doctors signature (no training needed, excellent for emotional support dog registration)

Taking a Pet Overseas

If you decide to take your pet with you when you go abroad, you should check with the embassies of the destination countries as to specific requirements that must be met before a pet may be brought into the country. Many countries have strict health, quarantine, agriculture, wildlife, and customs requirements and prohibitions. A listing of foreign embassies and consulates in the U.S. is available on the Department of State’s website at   Foreign embassy and consulate contact information can also be found on the Country Specific Information for each country.

Note: In a crisis in which chartered or military aircraft or ships are used to evacuate Americans from a danger area, pets will not normally be permitted on the carrier. The pet owner will need to make other arrangements in order to remove the pet from the area. (Service animals, such as guide dogs, are not considered pets and will be accommodated if possible.)

All the forms and information you need to travel with a pet.

Service animals do not have to be certified to be considered a service animal.  If your doctor signs a form requesting a service animal for you for either physical or emotional needs, and a veterinarian signs that the animal is suitable for your use as a service animal, this is all that is needed by law to designate an animal as a service needs animal.  The animals temperment, actions around the public, and what type of service are considerations used in this decision.

Do not let someone refuse access to a public place with your service animal.  This is a clear violation of Federal laws.  Federal law supercedes any state or local law and therefore if a town or city has put in place an ordinance forbiding access, they are breaking a federal law.  You can contact the Department of Justice's toll-free ADA Information Line at 800-514-0301 (voice) or
800-514-0383 (TDD).