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Digital Book Index provides links to more than 165,000 full-text digital books from more than 1800 commercial and non-commercial publishers, universities, and various private sites. More than 140,000 of these books, texts, and documents are available free.

Patterns for charity

Sewing, art, drawing or tutorials  

Artweaver Overview

Artweaver allows you to paint creatively with the help of a huge range of painting tools. You can create sketches from photos or just experiment with colors.

For professional users, Artweaver offers layers, group layers and support for the PSD file format. It is also possible to load and run Photoshop compatible filters (only Artweaver Plus).

Free web/art/photo software

Great websites for doing logos, texts, fonts, etc.

Photo to sketch software

includes: Pageplus, Webplus, Photoplus, Drawplus, Creativeartist, PanoramaPlus, and extra content packs

Applique instructions for embroidery machines

Here is a different use for applique patterns:
http://www.designsb articles/ sunbonnets- applique- or-is-it/

 Some more:
http://www.designsb articles/ adding-visual- interest- to-applique/

http://www.designsb articles/ the-troubles- and-woes- of-applique/

http://www.designsb articles/ help-for- newbies/

http://www.designsb articles/ applique- using-steam- a-seam2/

Digitizing, sewing and embroidery   SophieSew is an integrated software design program that can be used in the digitizing and editing of machine embroidery. This software is at an early stage of development and as such still remains free to download and use.      my editor™ is a Free, simple viewing and editing software with some innovative features and functions. It was mainly developed to provide the capability to view and modify supported embroidery files and then re-save them in any of the available embroidery file formats.    EMBCopy 0.9, ingenious tool for copying/sorting/maintaining your design collection; EasyPEC 1.3, quickly convert PES-5.0/PES-4.0/PES-3.0/PES-2.5/PES2.0 to PEC 1.0; Pesview 1.3.0, simple Viewer/Conversion-Tool for PES/PEC/PCS/DST/SEW    

Edit Express Lite
Updated: 6/2/10

Edit Express Lite is a free software download that helps you make simple, quick changes to your embroidery designs.

Use Edit Express Lite to:

  • Change colors within select color palettes
  • Print actual size templates with detailed color segment breakdown
  • Change hoop size
  • Center designs
  • Display realistic preview
  • Zoom in and out
  • Save in the format in which it was opened     Thred is a versatile and free digitizing program for embroidery machines. It has many features that make digitizing easier and faster. The name Thred comes from the words thread and editor combined, but it's more than just an editing program for finished designs. All of the designs we offer for sale on this site were made completely with Thred, as were many of the free designs.  There are on-line lessons at You may join the Thred discussion group from

(Stitch Era Universal)

(displays pes designs that you could convert to jef format
using other software)

on a Mac, you can download a shareware viewer called
Stitch Buddy (used to be called Jef Viewer)

Explorations Sizer is a free program from OESD Embroidery Online.
Save your design in Bernina format as ART. Open with Explorations Sizer
(you will have some minor learning to create project , etc., I'm told).
Select the hoop
(pick one that matches your embroidery field).
From the Connect icon, Export to File will supposedly allow saving as JEF format.
This will eliminate the conversion to another format before JEF and should work
correctly I've heard.

Company Name: Compucon
Software Title: EOS Viewer

With Compucon’s Free EOS Viewer you can:
- Open and save designs in all the popular file formats
- Send design files by e-mail
- Print designs with design information
- Browse files in the Design Browser
- Change stitch colors of your designs and choose from popular thread brands
- View embroidery designs in Realistic mode.
Click below and register to download the free EOS3 Viewer.

Legal Disclaimer

Embroidery Fonts Plus!

Embroidery Fonts Plus (EFP) is the only FREE EMBROIDERY LETTERING SOFTWARE for the commercial and home embroiderer. It comes with 3 FREE FONTS and includes features to adjust the fonts to fit all your embroidery needs.

Free Download Includes:
 3 FREE FONTS (included)

Company Name: E-Z Stitches
Software Title: E-Z Estimator

Your toughest embroidery production task just got easier. With the new E-Z Estimator software program, you can prepare embroidery production and price estimates quickly and accurately. Designed for the small to medium embroiderer, this program was written by a professional software developer AND a working embroiderer in the field, will take the guesswork out of what to charge customers and make a fair profit.

Company Name:
Software Title: Thread Converter Pro III

Thread Converter Pro III allows you to utilize all your thread inventory. It is simple to convert one or more colors within a single design!

  • Easily match your inventory of thread to a design
  • Converts to and from 14 different thread manufacturers
  • Mix and match thread easily within a design
  • Print an instruction sheet with your selections
  • Converts Robison Anton, Sulky, Madeira, Anchor, AngelKing, Brother, DMC, Guterman, Isacord, Isafil, Coats, Kingstar, Marathon, and Pearl Yacht

    my favorties at Delicious my

    Blogs and such:

    Feel comfortable heavier then society thinks you should be?  Your bmi higher then the charts but you feel healthy?  Visit this blog for help and support being yourself.  I saw this on "the morning show".  Loved the creator and the show.


    Service Dog and pet travel  For service dog id tags  To register a service dog with only a vetrinarian signature and your doctors signature (no training needed, excellent for emotional support dog registration)  All the forms and information you need to travel with a pet.  And links to Department of agriculture if traveling outside the US.

    Free software  Free virus scanning software  WYSIWYG free website builder          Free firewall Best rated by pc magazine.                        Basic paint program ( much better then microsoft paint.    Send free text messages to any cell phone

    Free PDF reader and editor

    Free software              


    The best internet research/resource website there is - virtualgumshoe            

    Learn foreign languages online for free 

    Free software to learn foreign languages        Free software for you computer to learn any foreign language (spyware and virus free)

    Tutorials - Html         HTML and website tutorials

    Tutorial- paintshop           Free paintshop tutorials

    tutorial - programming               Free programming tutorials

    Dreamweaver          Free dreamweaver tutorial

    free zip software               Winzip 7.0

    Medication help  Need medication and can't afford them?  This site has every program available to bring free or low cost prescriptions to those who need them.

    Travel     Best lookup and price compare site for travel information I have found.  It is a search resource that searches every travel site on the web to save you time.  You get the lowest price first.



    Beading and wire work  This is free pixal software for creating your own designs  Bead and Bead jewelry related links.  I loved this website.  It gave me many ideas.  This is my favorite saved search  Wire and bead jewelry making.  Over 2000 designs and they sell very affordable supplies  One of my favorite places to shop.  Get on their mailing list to be first to see their clearance items at drastic savings. Wire wrapping tutorials  Custom made jigs.  As large as 2 feet by 2 feet.


    Webhosting freebies

    Free websites (best on the web)
    Forum Communities